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I’m looking at our world and watching Hollywood explode – or implode, whatever the case – seeing Washington, D.C., explode and seeing a movement from people, who have been trodden on by others, to become empowered individuals and not victims.
Sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault and more by people in positions of power against those whom they view as lesser on the societal or employment food chain – all of it coming to light with those perpetrators beginning to fall off their golden towers.
I watch kids who have lived under terrible conditions, from parents not fit to be called parents – those same kids acting out against others, inflicting some of the same kind of pain they had to tolerate, abuse turning into generational behavior that spreads through society like a cancer.
The holidays seem to bring out the worst and best in people. I’m going to focus on the best, because I believe that kindness can change the worst with time.
I’ve been watching feel-good stories over the past weeks that seem to have a common theme among them, events where real people made a difference in the world and others’ lives. That common thread seems to be kindness, or love in a sense.
Widows feel that kindness when friends spend time just being with them. People who have lost loved ones feel the kindness when others bring food or send a card to them. Kindness is as simple as holding a door open for another – manners, yes, but it’s kindness at the root of the action.
Had Sen. Al Franken chosen to be kind to newscaster Leeann Tweeden, who said that Franken forcibly kissed her during a rehearsal and groped her for a photo as she slept, his face wouldn’t be plastered over every news tabloid known to mankind, and his wife of 40 years wouldn’t be subject to the recriminations of his actions.
Kindness was the theme of the book “Wonder,” teaching others to be tolerant of those with facial deformities. How many kids, and adults, have to live out their lives being picked on because they are different from the norm?
The Bible is full of lessons on treating others with kindness and love. The Golden Rule states treat others as you would have them treat you – kindness.
So with this theme, I want to invite my readers and, hopefully all residents of Linn County, to become kind or kinder, and I’d like you to send me a message about an act of kindness that someone did so we can recognize him or her in the paper. Kindness can be as simple as holding the door open for someone or as deep as paying for a neighbor-in-need’s electric bill.
Kindness starts at home. Many people don’t want to be recognized for doing something nice – but we, at the Linn County News, want to recognize that act of kindness and hopefully start a revolution: a kindness revolution.
There are several ways to send in names of those that did kind acts, including Twitter at #LinnCountyKindness, Facebook at Linn County News or email me at
I want to open this up to our schools, K-12. If the younger students start learning about kindness, maybe it will translate to kinder students when they reach middle school and high school years.
I believe that our churches can do the same thing – reach out to others, recognize those who do kind acts, take care of each other. Christ was, among other things, a servant; we can serve others with kindness and respect.
Our kindness movement begins today! Send me the name of someone you see do something kind, and let us help recognize them – let’s make this county a place people want to live because everyone is so nice!
Jackie Taylor
Linn County News


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