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Though the State of the Union address was earlier in the month, I’m still hearing people talk about it – and, I’m still sick about the display a bunch of newly elected, white-clad House members made of themselves that night. I had several emotions rolling through from shock, disgust, awkward humor to disdain for a party that now portrays more of a murderous socialist bend than ever before.

Whether you like President Trump or not, he was masterful in how he handled the socialists and how he actually got them to applaud for our country – the one they were elected to serve by the Republic, not appointed by a dictator.

It was with interest that I watched the faces of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when Trump said this was not a socialist country. Sanders’ brain about exploded and AOC tried to be stone faced – but the applause Trump received was overwhelming, and even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapped.

Following New York’s murderous legislation allowing the killing of babies at the time of birth, Trump spoke of the more conservative Supreme Court and that it was time to end abortion in this country. The same women, who were elected to serve and protect this country, would not stand when the sanctity of life was brought up. They remained stoic and didn’t even consider they were discussing human beings that would be constituents someday.

An interesting statistic that I heard the other day was that black babies were one in three times more likely to be aborted than other races. The Socialist Democratic women were playing into their own genocide of our inner cities and voters that they play to in most elections.

I found it interesting that the place they almost didn’t stand up – then figured out they were women – was when Trump spoke of how many gains women have made in employment in this country. 

The president looked at the newly elected group of women and gave them kudos – finally, it sunk into their brains that he was giving them applause at their accomplishment, and they jumped up to give themselves high-fives.

I found a statement, somewhere – wish I could attribute it, but it pretty well said what I and many others were thinking:

“Last night I saw a group of women who thought the color of their clothes would be enough to represent strength, unity and decency. But Instead I saw a bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

“Women who are about women’s rights but not equal rights for all human beings.  Women who can’t show the first sign of success which is to be able to be happy for the accomplishments of others. Women who smirked, shook their heads and crossed their arms in retaliation of any ideas other than their own agendas. 

“Women who don’t show grace or have respect for the leader of the very country they live in. 

I care about women’s rights because after all, I’m a woman! But you do not represent me in any way.”

I look at women such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Rosalynn Carter, Elizabeth Dole, Nancy Reagan and others and see the grace that was quoted above. The group of women that are now sitting in Congress is like lemming looking to see of which cliff to follow blind leaders off.

I also found Pelosi’s actions rude and insulting to the president. I believe that her paper shuffling was meant to distract viewers from listening to the speech. What was funny about it, she became so intent on that shuffling that, at times, she’d be the only one standing after all others had sat back down – she looked like she needed to be shuffled off to a care home.

Pelosi also looked to me like she was the tail wagging the dog. Her newly elected female Congress had far more left-leaning, socialist tendencies than she seemed to approve of, and it seemed that she almost couldn’t corral them. Her cud chewing, the gnawing she is known for when she is not happy with something Trump has said, was non-stop.

Personally, I don’t find the behavior the newly elected socialists exhibited something that should be modeled by our young citizens. If my granddaughter acted like those women, we’d have a “come to Jesus” meeting and get things straightened out. I don’t know who they think they are representing, but apparently New Yorkers or those on the coasts, Antifa, the Pink P*ssy Hat women and other hoodlums – not normal American voters.

Given the enthusiasm some of AOC’s supporters have given to her Green New Deal, America better wake up quickly or we’re going to be in the same food lines as Venezuela citizens stand in.

Jackie Taylor

Linn County News publisher 


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