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Well, I’m hot off of a 17 hour series of flights, layovers and airport ventures from my recent trip to Alaska; needless to say it was worth it for the experiences.
I was able to spend almost two weeks in two separate adventures, the first a women’s fly fishing trip that included a fly-in to a remote camp complete with brown bear; the last half to reconnect with my brother who has chosen his off-grid lifestyle in the forests near Kenai, Alaska. More power to him, but I enjoy the more rudimentary things of life – flush toilets, showers, brushing my teeth with running water, not to say camping isn’t fun, but getting back to civilization has its own thrill, too.
The one good thing about the first part of the trip was no television. We had wifi so were able to connect to email, etc., but were essentially cut off from the daily drama that we all have become accustomed to.
With that, I am sick to death of American politics and the kill or be killed attitude of today. I love our country but see a civil war coming closer and closer as factions are trying to disembowel our country and those we have placed in positions of guidance or power.
The level of corruption that is apparent nationally - changing the rules midstream in order to make a whistleblower using third party information suddenly a valid witness, for one – and so much more. I feel a level of frustration at the dishonesty, and lack of care that things are dishonest, beyond what I’ve felt in the past.
Things are unraveling quickly and it’s a giant cesspool waiting to explode.
I look at the maneuvering people on the national level do to hurt others; the game playing, the dishonesty and more and wonder what our national morals have come to.
With that, I’m hoping those lack of morals and character don’t begin to trickle down to our local communities. I feel it’s like kids playing in a sandbox; Johnnie got away with it therefore Susie tries the same thing – only with real world consequences and people’s lives in the mix.
How often are personal vendettas settled through petty acts trying to “settle the score.”
I’ve learned that often times those acts have a bigger blow-back on the parties perpetrating trying to settle the score than they could have imagined.
House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff may find that out through the Ukrain investigation and the use of a third-party CIA whistle blower. I think Joe Biden learned that when his son’s deeds on the energy board he sat on were brought to light and now Joe is playing footsie with the feds.
You Tube is a great place to get a feel for what is going on nationally. Apparently, shock, shock, I listen to a more conservative commentator and get the other side of what is trying to be done to our president. All I can say is people are fed up and sick of the attack on our American values and our Constitution. We are sick of the liberal left’s attempt to undermine our country and our Republic.
Let’s hope that undermining doesn’t begin on a local level – what a shame for We the People.
Jackie Taylor
Linn County News publisher


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