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Monday’s terrorist attack by van in Toronto, Canada, set the country on its heels.
The website reports, “In the past 18 months, more than 150 people have been killed by homicidal drivers. Nearly 800 were injured, many seriously. The carnage began in Nice, France, in July 2016 when a cargo truck plowed into a crowd, killing 86, and extends to the most recent attack, in November in Toulouse, France, when a car slammed into a crowd in front of a school, injuring three. Berlin, Melbourne, Stockholm, Paris, London, Barcelona and New York City fill out the grim chronology.”
And Monday, April 23, 10 more people were killed when a man drove 16 blocks down one of the most crowded shopping areas in Toronto.
The motives of the driver are still being determined, but vehicle homicide is the new weapon of choice for jihadists, or nut jobs – vehicles are easily accessible and kill indiscriminately.
Okay, liberals, here’s your chance: Ban rental vans because they are becoming the weapon of choice and, with that, steel bumpers and vehicles that can go over 10 miles per hour.
The U.S. News report continued, “If terrorists continue to employ vehicles as attack weapons, the urban landscape will slowly change as bollards, barricades and barriers, chicanes and checkpoints increasingly surround and subdivide public spaces.”
More and more, I’m noticing large concrete planters in open urban spaces. Drive in front of the Target store at 151st and U.S. Highway 169, and you’ll notice large round, red concrete balls placed at its entrance. Yes, they are decorative with the Target color of red, but they also serve a purpose: to keep a vehicle out of the front entrance of the store and give pedestrians potential safety from a runaway vehicle.
I’d have no problem with our metro streets being set up with safeguards for pedestrians. Urban areas can incorporate large concrete planters on sidewalks, adding an artistic appeal to an area, and giving pedestrians safety from vehicles.
It’s a scary world we live in now – but those who don’t think about safety and the what-ifs of life could find themselves in a life or death situation very quickly.
Mentally ill people or those with religious persecution in mind will use whatever means they can find to do their evil acts. Our legislators can enact laws upon laws that say people can’t use a van to kill others; they can enact laws that say a rental agency can’t rent to a crazy person – but it comes down to the fact that if someone wants to kill others, he or she will find a way.
The problem is a deep one. People such as California’s Gov. Jerry Brown, who is initiating a move to outlaw Bibles in the state because the Bible speaks ill of homosexual activity, and is a leader that is propagating a land of immoral, hateful people by taking God out of their society.
The current move by some of the more conservative residents of that state is to break it up into three parts – with Los Angeles and San Diego in one section, San Francisco in another and the rural eastern portion in the third. People are tired of the free-for-all that the urban areas are putting the entire state into, and they’re beginning to fight it.
Meanwhile, we as citizens of this country need to look at terrorism and think ahead to provide safety for our citizens. We know vehicle ramming is the new means of killing large numbers of people – city councils need to be proactive on terrorism and be proactive in heavily used market areas.
We all enjoy going downtown from time to time – we all need to be afforded the safety of traffic barriers so we don’t become the next statistic by a madman.
Jackie Taylor
Linn County News publisher


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