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Resetting life

Well, it took a microscopic germ to send many of the most technologically advanced nations back decades – to times when families ate dinner together, went to the park, new dads getting watch their babies crawl, and this grandma got to watch her son catch a frog for her granddaughter to marvel over.

When news of this pandemic began spreading from Hunan, China where it began – whether from a bio-lab leak or a bat soup recipe, it was my immediate thought that this was a training virus for the world and each of us individually.

I told my son that I felt it wasn’t “the big one” as compared to something that will actually destroy mankind; but I felt it was a predecessor to life on our planet where human life is a pawn for power, wealth and glory.

None of us has the ability to see what lies in the future; only the good Lord can do that, but we can feel we’ve been given a quick look into how to survive the coming years.

Just look at the toilet paper hoarding that went on; who knew that a virus that causes the lungs to fill up and drown people would cause a rush on toilet paper. I’m guessing many of you saw the meme that was floating around saying the next virus will be diarrhea so people better stock up on nasal spray. 

But what was for real was the reaction of many people that were somewhat or mostly prepared for the apocalypse that could have been. We are not out of hot water yet; the state of Kansas is putting out information that the top of the infectious curve may be April 28 – far enough out for the state and our county to lose a lot of people.

But the pandemonium featured on several movies with masses of people leaving the cities to find new homes in the country is probably not going to happen this time. People fearing for their country safety caused quite a stir at gun stores with purchases of ammo and home defense items.

But the ability to look at what is going on in New York and Washington has given us a vision that we need to be prepared within our families for future catastrophes that may come at any time.

We need to actually prepare that soil and put in a garden. 

We need to learn how to can or begin setting aside more canning supplies that may take us farther in the future.

We need to raise a few chickens so that when eggs are scarce or go to $4.50/dozen we can just shake our heads and not have to bite the bullet of paying those kinds of prices.

Do we have a bit of gas saved up so we can mow or travel if gas becomes a rare, pricey commodity? 

What about medical supplies if someone in our family cuts themselves; do we have disinfectant, blood-stopping items, an emergency first-aid kit, etc. 

Do we have what it takes to purify water if the life-saving liquid suddenly quits pouring from the faucet?

Can we look at our lives as we stand here today and say, “Yes, I can survive for a month, two months, and six months and bring my family out of it fairly unscathed?”

We are being given a gift from God in the form of time. What we do with it is up to us. We can look at the virus as something where we are a pawn, or, we can look at it as a training tool for our future lives.

God gave us each a brain and the ability to do certain things well. Look at your own skills and what can you do to make your life better if something like COVID-19, or years later, COVID-20 comes along.

Just figuring this was a fluke and we’re fine for the rest of our lives can be a decision that could kill you and your family in the future. 

I’m not talking running to the hills and hiding in a bunker; I’m talking about doing simple things that can prepare you for the future, whether something bad happens or not.

Meanwhile, we have time now to mow our lawns, pull those weeds, clean those closets, build the kid’s the play set they’ve wanted for years, and more. Enjoy your families, time is a precious commodity that none of us are guaranteed more of.

Remember that social distancing, or physical distancing, is important to end the spread of the virus as quickly as it came upon us. The stay at home order will be over before you know it and life will continue, Lord willing, but be smart, be safe, and wash your hands.

Jackie Taylor,

Linn County News


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