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I’ve always viewed myself as an average American – I’m usually not on the extreme of any view, probably more conservative than anything, but lately I’m finding myself increasingly frustrated with politics in Washington, D.C.
I’m feeling frustration with a government that won’t let a new president do his job. That goes for both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Is there any wonder that the American people voted to oust that last bunch who were in there? And now, that bunch and their cronies are working overtime to sabotage President Trump and anything he’s working on.
Add to that media that pounce at the mere sniff of controversy, trying to blow up issues that on a normal day wouldn’t get mentioned on Saturday morning news. As a viewer of news programs, I feel and hear the venom newscasters are spewing at Trump and anyone associated with him.
I’m getting to the point where NBC’s Today Show hostess Savannah Guthrie makes me want to hurl my breakfast yogurt. Where did they get her and why is she on there?
You think people were upset when they elected Trump? Wait until midterms when the Democrats who have launched the stall tactic come up for reelection; that’ll be interesting to watch.
I am frustrated that the media are making Trump’s first few months more like watching a bad soap opera than allowing the man to get his administration on track. They’re reveling in making him look bad and then commenting further when Trump reacts.
More and more, we as Americans need to wake up and face that we need to institute term limits for our Washington elected officials. The good-old-boy Washington establishment needs to be broken apart, and new thinking that is for the people of this country needs to take its place.
As long as career politicians, Republican or Democrat, can set up house in our government, no good is going to come for the American people. Some politicians need to grow a backbone and begin acting like they are governing and not entering the roles of the richest people in America.
People need to serve there for the same reason they serve in Linn County – to help the people and maybe do something for the good of the land.
I believe a lot of those in Washington went there thinking they were going to cure the ills of the land, but the enticement of making it rich as a legislator is too much for many to handle. They sell their soul to the devil in exchange for a few bucks, probably a lot of bucks, and never look back on the people who put them in that seat.
Term limits would take the emphasis off of some people’s long-term financial gain and put it back to what can they do to help their state or the nation.
I’ve gotten to the point that the bruised media that are getting paybacks are darned hard to listen to. They are like school ground bullies who got beat up and now have helpers to go back to really put a beat-down on their prey – and don’t think Trump and those of us who support his government aren’t prey.
The fight has only begun. Just because someone is in office who can maybe change things doesn’t mean that we, as average Americans, can lie down and stop supporting him. I’ll guarantee you that the media and their cohorts haven’t lain down – on the contrary, they are on a full frontal attack.
So, as far as for me, I’ll continue to feel frustrated, but place a jab here and there to help out the cause.
Jackie Taylor
Linn County News publisher


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