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Anytime a community comes together to vote on a bond issue, it’s a big deal – and USD#344 patrons came together to vote on whether they wanted a $9 million improvement to the school. And that bond issue was approved last year in April.
Speed ahead and this October patrons are being invited into the remodeled campus to see the improvements and be welcomed into our community’s newest addition.
Gone are the parking lots that would jar the best 4-wheel drive, replaced by blacktop and traffic signs helping individuals to navigate the new area.
And, welcoming district and patron pocketbooks are the new windows and other energy saving devices installed in the school. Everyone is hoping to see the savings in the form of tax savings each year.
What is most notable about the new school is the attitude of the students, faculty and community. There is renewed enthusiasm and pride concerning the new facility which translates into gusto for teaching and learning.
Kudos to the administration for stretching dollars – the district is now realizing a $1 million savings that can go towards other large projects or on items that will make staff feel special about their positions in the district.
School pride, like community pride, is very important glue that binds a community.
Congratulations on a job well-done!
Also, thank you to all of our community volunteers. Amber Staton for cleaning up Main Street Sunday morning after the General Pleasonton Day festival.
Thank you to all of the people that lent a hand to make that day awesome and bring so many people to Main Street in Pleasanton.
Next, volunteers that make the Sugar Mound Arts & Crafts Festival what it is – a weekend that draws 20,000 plus people to Mound City, traveling through other cities of Linn County to get there.
Without volunteers stepping up, our world would collapse as we know it.
Thank you volunteers!
Jackie Taylor
Linn County News publisher


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