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I’m not a surfer; I prefer a more level playing field when dealing with things that come up from below me and want to eat me, such as sharks, but I’ve been fascinated with the theory of the “blue wave” toppling our country or the “red wave” holding off the blue wave.

Seems to me that I wrote a Bully Pulpit two years ago on Tuesday morning of the general election feeling in an almost worse position than I feel now; two years ago we were looking at Hillary Clinton taking the presidency and the whack-job media doing everything in their power to persuade voters to go her direction.

But, alas, Donald Trump took the election, and the rest is recent history.

Now – shock, shock – the liberal media are again doing its best to get the American public to buy into the blue wave and oust Republicans from seats across the country.

I’m still baffled by the scientific polls that we constantly hear of. I have never been asked my opinion on a candidate or issue – I’m out there, and I’m not a hermit.

I found comments from Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, at interesting. He said, “Pollsters don’t know what is going to happen as they come to grips with the difficulties of getting good samples in this age of mobile phones and caller ID. They also have the problem that voters don’t tell them the truth, and that there is likely a voter demographic shift that makes putting together models of the electorate increasingly difficult on a national level. When combined with assumption biases based upon their own personal political bubbles, the profession has been reduced to less scientist and more political alchemist.”

In the year Trump won, the media had no clue that the undercurrent in the nation was moving back to conservative, Republican, love of country, build the wall, etc., desires. The media are again looking at the precedent that in midterms the losing party sweeps the election.

Robert Romano, vice president of Public Policy, Americans for Limited Government, said, “Midterms are always a tough affair for the White House incumbent party, averaging losses 89 percent of the time with an average loss of 35 seats, but those historical trends could be tempered by greater than expected Republican enthusiasm, enough to hold onto key districts and potentially keeping the House out of Democratic hands.”

This election, though, there is a different feel in the air; Republicans are fired up after the Democrats stirred the pot with the illegal caravan from Central America, with Antifa and their covered faces parading our streets, after Sen. Dianne Feinstein performed in front of Congress trying to keep now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed. 

And the Democrats reportedly never apologized to Kavanaugh – even after one of the accusers has now stated she’d never met Kavanaugh, and the accusation was totally false.

So, given those issues, there is a silent, but effective red wave brewing. People that haven’t been scientifically polled will hit the polls and cast votes for whomever they think will best represent them.

I’ll wait patiently, with the rest of America, and see how things come out after all the votes are cast. Hopefully, we won’t have two years of absolutely nothing going on in the White House because Democrats have chosen to fight the president. We’ll see.

Jackie Taylor

Linn County News publisher


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