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Mass shootings

Another six people died yesterday at the hands of a mentally ill person, a person that was originally identified as a female. reported, “Since 1982, an astonishing 135 mass shootings have been carried out in the United States by male shooters. In contrast, only four mass shootings (defined by the source as a single attack in a public place in which four or more victims were killed) have been carried out by women.”

Next, what is a mass shooting? “has defined by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), an event in which one or more individuals are “actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. Implicit in this definition is the shooter’s use of a firearm.” The FBI has not set a minimum number of casualties to qualify an event as a mass shooting, but U.S. statute (the Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act of 2012) defines a “mass killing” as “3 or more killings in a single incident.”

So the latest school shooting in Nashville, Tenn. where the shooter killed three nine-year-olds and three employees at a Christian school was puzzling as the news media called out the shooter as female.

Then the actual news started coming out that the shooter identified as transgender and was called by a female name. That explained things a bit more; looking at the statistics published by

The shooter identified as a woman, was called a daughter by her mother, yet identified as transgender.

Highly probable, the next thing we saw published by the media was the mayor of Nashville calling out guns. Yes, guns were the tool that the shooter used. 

A manifesto was left by the shooter; as more is looked at, I believe that mental health will, again, be at the center of the reason the person chose to kill kids and staff at a Christian school.

The Bible tells us that Cain killed Able with a rock; rocks were not the target of God’s ire – it was Cain’s sin that led to his demise. The shooter chose an assault rifle, legally purchased, to do the killing.

If a gun was not available; the killer always had a knife, a car, or any other thing that could inflict damage to a human body. 

As mental health degrades with the isolation that America was forced to endure during the pandemic; many people are on the edge of a precipice. Those who are mentally healthy were able to make their way through the pandemic without too much damage; many of our children, on the other hand, were the souls that were damaged.

Kids were left to watch TikTok, Instagram and other online platforms with video clips of things not necessarily good for their mental health. Hours and hours of unwholesome material poured into their minds as most schools embraced the pandemic lockdown – “for student’s health.”

Now we’re looking at a generation of kids that can’t look you in the eye, they have degraded social skills and think the world owes them something.

Information has yet to come out on the shooter; but a damaged soul was inside the person pulling the trigger. What other reason could there be that someone chooses to kill kids?

Guns don’t just choose to walk into a school, restaurant, etc. and start shooting; it takes a person behind the trigger to make the firearm shoot. It’s the same way with a knife, rock or, in most cases, a vehicle.

Before we start jumping on firearms, let’s look at the shooter’s mental health and figure out what caused the decision to pull the trigger. Peel the onion…




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