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EV, sign of the party in charge

With echoes of Solyndra (Obama’s failed solar panel factory), another green venture bites the dust, but not before several people made money on the electric vehicle (EV) bus factory. reported, “President Biden frequently extolled an electric vehicle company — in which his energy secretary heavily invested — before it declared bankruptcy on Monday (Aug. 2023).

“Bay Area-based electric bus and battery maker Proterra filed for Chapter 11, with CEO Gareth Joyce citing “various market and macroeconomic headwinds that have impacted our ability to efficiently scale.”

“The EV firm, which sold more than 1,300 electric buses to public transit systems in the US and Canada, was valued at $1.6 billion when Biden, 80, took office in January 2021 — but closed with a market value of $362 million, according to Reuters.

“In 2021, the president pledged more than $10 billion from his $1.9 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan toward zero-emission transit and school bus programs.”

The buses reportedly couldn’t make it up hills, ran out of juice, and were a disaster for transportation.

Again, EVs have their place – maybe if you live in a big city, don’t commute far, or don’t have big loads to haul – but other than that, no bueno.

I recently attended a church service with my son in North Kansas City; the pastor began his sermon recounting his experiment that he thought “would be cool” to rent a Tesla to make a trip to Dallas. He did the math, timing, etc. and felt it would be cheaper to drive an EV than purchase plane tickets or drive his own gas vehicle.

Well, after figuring out that the cost of electricity to charge the Tesla at much closer distances than a gas vehicle would have taken to fill the tank, his “I thought it would be cool” turned into a time-consuming, expensive experiment that wasn’t so cool.

If Biden gets another term in office, all of America better enjoy the end of economical, fast transportation that won’t leave the majority of us stranded on some hillside waiting for a gas-powered generator to come by and charge our battery. reported, “A 2023 University of California Energy Institute report found “a strong and enduring correlation between political ideology and U.S. EV adoption.”

“Looking at county-level data on new vehicle registrations between 2012 and 2022, the report stated that 50 percent of all new EVs were sold into the top 10 percent of most-Democrat counties, with 70 percent going to the top 25 percent most-Democrat counties, and 90 percent going to the top 50 percent most-Democrat counties.

“Twenty counties bought 40 percent of all EVs sold in this period, the report states, and “most of these counties are urban, high-income, and in Democratic states.”

“The report continued that one-third of EV buyers live in California. “Data from the Department of Energy supports this view. As of year-end 2022, California had 903,600 registered EVs in the state, or 37 percent of all EVs owned nationwide.”

What bothers me further on the EV thing is the terrible nature of lithium batteries when they are damaged, reach the end of their lifetime, or are in crashes. Just look at the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse after the container ship hit a Baltimore bridge support sending the bridge down on the ship.

Some of the containers damaged and of concern to the EPA, etc. had lithium car batteries in them causing worry the chemicals could leach into the river. 

But Greenies think that is so much better than driving a gas-fired vehicle – ughh, the complete ridiculous, brainwashed thought process with some of those people.

It’ll be interesting to see California during a brownout and how many EVs need to be rescued on the side of the highway.

Further, at this point, if a person wants to purchase an older car – they can. There are people to work on them and the vehicles are priced at a point where more people can own one; contrasted by an EV, when they get to a point, the battery will reach an end-of-life and no one can purchase the car without a huge cost of replacing the battery – if it can be done. Where are those old cars going? To the car wasteland where lithium batteries can leach into the earth.

Hopefully, Biden will not be elected president and a more thoughtful approach to American energy can come to the forefront again. We can only pray.




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