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Jumping ship

It’s been interesting watching people’s reactions after each state’s electors certified Joe Biden as president-elect. Most politicians could be equated to rats jumping ship – they couldn’t distance themselves from President Trump soon enough.

Immediately following that came rhetoric that Trump supporters would be rounded up; much of that according to FactCheck was false, but it left a sorry taste in the mouth of many Conservatives.

Following the lawsuit the Linn County News and Nana Jo’s restaurant filed to stop the invasive rule to stop mandatory contact tracing due to COVID, news agencies were not shy about wanting to interview  me and Linda Jo Hisel.

The BBC and a hospital health trade magazine each were granted an interview; the last I’ll do for any news agency. Following the release of the last story that went international, I received the following two emails. The first from a woman in Colorado apparently working for indigenous peoples’ rights and the second from a man in Great Britain spouting his two-cents worth on American politics.

My point in printing them is to let people know that anti-Trumpers received a shot-in-the-arm  over the last few weeks and are bent on making the other half of the nation pay for any allegiance to the current president of the United States.

If Twitter, Facebook and Amazon can do what they did to Donald Trump, think what they can do to those of us in the fly-over states that support the Constitution, the First and Second Amendments and our God-given rights we live under in this nation.

The emails I received follow, the one from the Colorado woman was sent to my entire staff.

 “please remind yourselves that you are after all just white trash racist anchor baby pilgrims who fell off the slave dingy Mayflower....

“all you white trash pilgrims are just ‘other’ wetback immagrunts with 80 IQ”s just like your antiChrist scum bag = trumpi”.”

Included in the email were two book covers, apparently for her reading pleasure, and a meme - White Trash Gothic by Edward Lee, White Trash. The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg, and The Original Homeland Security Fighting Terrorism since 1492 meme.

The email continued, “please do not wear masks and do not take the vaccines because Mother Nature has chosen you white trash pilgrims to be culled and your DNA to be shipped back to europe where you belong.

“you white trash humans are a dime a dozen”

“the ONLY Native Americans = Indigininious Native Americans will continue to fight against yur pilgrim terrorism until all of you scum bags are gone!!!”

Another such letter came from a gentleman that apparently lives in Great Britain. 

“Dear Mr. Taylor,

“My name is Peter Sewell, and I am English, living in UK, but I do take a good interest in US Politics. I read this morning, a quote from you on my BBC webpage, further endorsing your view that the recent Presidential Election result was fraudulent; 

 “The whole thing is dirty. You’ve got a guy who got elected under dirty circumstances, and now he is   President”

“This mystifies me as the US Supreme Court have found no irregularities; of the 62 court filings Mr. Trump has made, he lost 61 of them. His own Attorney General (ex) is recorded as saying there is no substance to his claims. 

“I fear that some republican stalwarts like yourself have been fed so much trash, so many lies, and so much fear from Mr Trump over the past 4/5 years, that your ability to see and view things from a more balanced perspective, has been poisoned. You may well tell me it has nothing at all to do with me so keep my nose out of the USA, however, I still believe the USA, either democratic or republican to be a world leader and I think my opinion is valid.

“You will probably not like what I have written, but, like Tiger Woods and his golf career, he did not win every tournament he entered, he lost some, but on the 18th green, he shook hands with his opponent and wished him well.  Mr Trump  lost, fairly and squarely, and a handshake with Biden, would have been the right thing to do, but he would not contemplate that, because he does not like losing.                            

“So maybe, after the horrendous scenes in DC this week, maybe, just maybe you will see that man for what he is, a bully, a racist, a mysoginist and a liar.

“Regards, Peter Sewell”

Given Great Britain’s current state of upheaval with the virus, Brexit and more, I found it interesting that my thoughts on the election would garner his time.

As for me, I’m sick to death of the black helicopter theories on the next move coming from or against the Deep State for or against the people of this country. As one of my friends said the other day that the election happened and whether we like what happened or not, we need to get on with life and hope some good comes out of Washington D.C.

The last thing we can hope is Trump supporters aren’t punished for their political choice. That may be a dream given the censorship going on by the big tech giants and the support of such from many politicians.




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