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To do or not to do

Sometimes we do things that leave us scratching our heads wondering why we ever went ahead and did that whatever thing. Think about it – what event in your life, big or small, made you question why you ever thought about completing that task?

For instance, one time “at band camp” – just kidding, I’m not a band kid – I once painted my bathroom lavender. I thought it was beautiful for about two weeks – then reality sunk in and I was wondering what I was thinking.

The older I get, the more I feel that I need to step out there and experience things that in a few years I’ll be too damn old to experience. Bungee jumping? No. Tightrope walking over a high cliff? No. Rather, doing things that mean something in a deeper way to me.

Shocking to some of you, I’m a Trump supporter. I believe he is on the road to being one of the greatest presidents this nation has ever elected. I’m sure there is debate amongst many that believe I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but I’ll hang my hat, pistol, whatever, on his actual list of accomplishments over any other president out there – except maybe Ronald Reagan with his one liners.

So, when I heard about the Trump car parade coming to Overland Park Oct. 10, that fit the bill on an event that I felt I should get involved with. I, and one of my friends, will fly our United States and Trump 2020 flags proudly with thousands of other people showing their support for our president.

Despite it being a free country and myself and others having every right to join a parade, there is a bit of a fear factor that there are crazies out there targeting people like me.

I watched the video of the slaying of the Trump patriot in Portland the other day; it was an orchestrated hit job by an antifa nut simply because the target had a patriotic hat on.

What a target an F-150 with flags flying would be for someone. 

I’m not normally about being in a parade; normally, I like to be on the sideline taking pictures or enjoying the scenery. But, taking my own advice from a few weeks ago, we, as average Americans, need to step up and get involved.

Apparently I’m not the only one interested in the parade. Over 1,000 people have RSVPs online for the Overland Park event – needless to say, it should be one for the scrapbook.

Hopefully, the cuckoos will stay perched in front of CNN that day; I can see it being a large target for someone seeking notoriety as a lunatic.

As I write, I’m thinking about the Presidential Debate going on Tuesday between President Trump and contender former Vice President Joe Biden, or, the debate between Trump and moderator Chris Wallace as Biden looks on. It should be interesting; hopefully, Biden is medicated enough to be able to make it a good debate.

I’m also hopeful the debate will be fair for both individuals and parties. As the national media is in the pocket of the Democrats and Biden is doing their bidding, nothing would surprise me though.

Well, the silent majority is revving their engines and attaching their flags to dowel rods to show their support for the United States and our republic; may the best man win and it be fair for all.




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