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The deadline for county candidates to list income and expenses for their political campaigns was Monday, July 27. All candidates filed a report that was sent to County Clerk David Lamb except reports for Commissioners Danny McCullough, Mike Page, Commissioner candidate Charlene Sims.  They filed affidavits stating that they were not planning on spending over $1,000 on their campaign for the Primary Election.  

According to Lamb, if they do spend over $1,000, they will have to file expenditure reports.

Each local candidate in the Commissioner Districts 2 and 3, Sheriff and County Attorney race is listed with contributors and amounts donated, if donations were received, to the candidate.

Listed will be the race, the name of the candidate, contributors to the race and the amount(s).

Sheriff race

Kevin Friend: Kevin Friend - $2,702.08

Patrick Huntley: Patrick Huntley - $1,939.05

Leroy McConico: Naomi R. Childress - $50, B.L. and Lena Dick - $100, Richard and Maxine Goucher - $20, Bruce A. McCune - $100, Nick Wurtz - $100; total $370

Scott Polster: Scott Polster - $1,158.79

County Attorney race

James Brun: James Brun/Kelsey Brun - $13,501.20

Burton Harding: Gary Thompson Sr. - $500, John Gutierrez - $100, Suzanne Thompson - $500, John R. Teagarden - $100, Larry Hall - $100, Susan A. Harding -$250, Linda K. Martin - $250, Christopher Martin - $250, Rick James - $100, Paul Filla - $100, Patricia E. Davey - $100, Jay L. Allen - $300, Page Enterprises - $300, Diversified Supply - $200, Janice B. Randall - $300, Larry Holt - $100, Richard M. Fisher - $300, Clarence Easley - $225, Cheryl Hall - $100; total $4,175

Commissioner Districts 2 & 3 race

Mike White: Larry Hall - $100, Cheryl Hall - $100, Gerald Cox - $100, Roger Carbon - $100, Jennie Carbon - $50, Mike White - $418.10, Billie Cox - $100; total $968.10

James C. Johnson: Brian West - $200, Dale and Janice Sprague - $500, Betty Jane Marcum - $100, James C. and Pamela A. Johnson - $1,450 total, Larry Holt - $100, Jesse T. or Janice B. Randall - $300; total $2,650

Shannon Batcheler: Rita Boydston - $100, Brent Boydston - $100, Charles R. Dunlop - $100, Cheri Dunlop - $100, Ramond E. and Jessi L. Dunlop - $300, Roger Carbon - $100, Jennie Carbon - $50, Fred Kautt - $100, Shannon Batcheler - $278, Darrah and Shannon Batcheler - $506.88; total $1,734.88


Political signs stolen across county


A complaint was called into the Linn County Sheriff’s Department Monday after several Democratic candidate signs were taken from behind a barbed-wire fence on private property this weekend. Sheriff Kevin Friend said the party where the signs were stolen put them up Saturday,... [More]

Dale Dennis retires after 60 years in education County issues proclamation in his honor


  After 53 years of service on the State Board of Education and a total of more than 60 years in education, Dale Dennis retired effective Sept. 30. Dennis was born and raised in the Linn County area, graduating from Blue Mound High School before attending Pittsburg... [More]

Commissioners approve AMR five-year contract Several health-related decisions made


Following the submission of a new contract from ambulance service provider American Medical Response (AMR), the County Commissioners at their Monday regular meeting approved the five-year contract, 3-0, with a word from Commissioner Rick James that he appreciated AMR coming in... [More]

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Pleasanton cross country has success at Prairie View


  The Pleasanton cross country team is small and the majority of the team is junior high, but the Blu-Jays did well in the Ramsey Invitational at Prairie View on Sept. 24. The Jays had three runners in the seventh grade boys’ two mile race. Gage McGinnis led the... [More]

Jayhawk football plays Central Heights on short notice


The Jayhawk football team was originally scheduled to play a district contest against Wellsville on Sept. 25 but the Eagles had to cancel due to COVID and for a while it looked as the Hawks would go two weeks without a football game. Their game was cancelled the week before with... [More]

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Harlow’s receives a new look


Harlow’s Oil at 414 Main St. in Mound City is getting a new look as owner Phil Harlow has the exterior of the long-time business updated. “We’re just trying to make it look nicer,” said Harlow. Roy Wade Remodeling began work last week on the addition... [More]

A tribute to Dick Carpenter


A tribute to a community icon I pulled what I’m sure are just a couple of many tributes on Facebook to a man that spent his lifetime building a family, a successful business and a community. Each of us that live in Linn County, or Pleasanton specifically, go to work,... [More]

JLHS cheerleaders named to UCA All American squad


Haven Conner, a junior, and Taryn Poole, a freshman, were recently named to the UCA All American Cheer Squad for the 2021 London Tour. According to Coach Wendi Baldwin auditions for the squad were done virtually due to the yearly UCA cheer camp being cancelled due to COVID-19... [More]

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