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(Graphic sexual content in the following report.)

State Of Kansas


Shane Lonnie Martin

Case No. 2019-Cr-000210

Redacted Copy Affidavit and Application for Warrant or Summons

In the District Court of Linn County, Kansas

Sixth Judicial District

Arrest/Detention/Probable Cause Affidavit

State of Kansas 

County of Linn

Special Agent Ronnie Burk, 0f the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, being first duly sworn upon oath says:

1.) The following offense(s) has been committed in Linn County, Kansas:

Rape K.S.A. 21-5503(a)(3)

Aggravated Criminal Sodomy K.S.A. 21-5504(b)(1)

2.) The following person(s) are alleged to have committed said offense(s):

Lonnie Shane Martin W/M DOB-88 

This affidavit is based on the following facts:

Comes now, Special Agent Ronnie Burk, of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, of lawful age, who after being sworn on his oath states that the Affiant is now and has been at all times relevant as a certified law enforcement officer. During the course of said investigation, the Affiant has learned the following information, either from his own observations, discussions with witnesses and/or being provided the information from other law enforcement officers all which the Affiant believes to be true, to wit:

On December 23, 2017, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office (LNSO) requested investigative assistance from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) regarding a child sexual abuse investigation of a ten- year-old female victim, referred to as victim, disclosed to her mother that her step-father, twenty-nine year Lonnie Shane Martin, aka Shane Martin, “had his private parts into her private parts” and “butt” until “white stuff” would come out. Victim’s mother was also interviewed and stated that she confronted Lonnie Shane Martin, who stated “I did not rape her.”

After initial disclosure was made, the LNSO and Kansas Department for Children and Families (KDCF) conducted a forensic interview of victim. During the forensic interview disclosed that Lonnie Shane Martin would forcefully remove her clothing and put his private into her privates and her butt. Victim also disclosed that Lonnie Shane Martin would sometimes hold her legs back over her head to a point that she was afraid that her hips would pop out of socket. Victim stated that the incidents occurred multiple times in 2016 through 2017 until she got her first period. Victim further stated that Lonnie Shane Martin would do these things to her when her mother was at work and her brothers would be in another room. Victim said that when she tried to scream, Lonnie Shane Martin would place his hand over her mouth. Lonnie Shane Martin would also put “bag balm” cream on her privates after “white stuff” came out because she complained of pain. Victim correctly identified the private parts of a male and female as they correlated to her disclosure. Victim also described the “white stuff” as what gets a female pregnant. Victim confirmed that these occurred at the house that they lived at with Lonnie Shane Martin, Linn County, Kansas.

KDCF social workers also forensically interviewed additional siblings. The siblings did not disclose sexual abuse to themselves but did confirm that Lonnie Shane Martin would be alone with victim in her bedroom and on several occasions, they heard her scream.

Disclosure was made that Lonnie Shane Martin would threaten to take away toys and electronic games if any of the children said they would tell their mother.

After the initial investigation began victim moved to Oregon with her biological father.

Additional investigation occurred by the Oregon Department of Human Services and the Jackson County Child Advocacy Center. A medical examination of victim was conducted by Amy Montes, CPNP, who concluded, in her opinion, that victim had been the victim of sexual abuse, although there were no physical trauma evident.

Therefore the Affiant believes that probable cause exists to believe that Lonnie Shane Martin engaged in sexual intercourse with victim who was between nine and ten years old during the incidents, in violation of K.S.A 21-3503(a)(3). There is also cause to believe that Lonnie Shane Martin engaged in anal intercourse with victim during the period of when she was nine and ten years old.

Having sufficient probable cause that the two crimes have been committed in Linn County, Kansas, the Affiant requests that a warrant be issued for the arrest of Lonnie Shane Martin.

Affiant’s Signature

Subscribed and sworn to before me on Dec. 17, 2019, at 10:27 a.m.

Arrest/Detention Probable Cause Determination

The court determines from the above affidavit under oath that there is probable cause to believe that the offense(s) of Rape & Aggravated Criminal Sodomy – both off grid felonies has been committed by the person(s) named in the above affidavit and probable cause for the arrest and detention of said person(s).

Signed: 12-17-19, 1:19 p.m.

Bond: $250,000 c/s


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