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As we continue to work through the COVID-19 Coronavirus response efforts and activities we feel it is important to address travel issues and recommendations.  The best approach is to avoid travel as much as possible.  If you DO NOT have to travel or leave your home, DON’T.  Staying home away from others is the best way to help prevent coming in contact with the virus.

We recognize the fact that not everyone can stay home and many people have essential jobs to perform and must go to work.  We provide the following recommendations for use when traveling to help you lower the chance of becoming infected with the virus.  These recommendations become especially important when travelling in areas with known community transmission (spread) of the virus which now includes the Kansas City Metro area.  All but 4 counties located east of U. S. 75 Highway are currently in a local disaster declaration.  The KC Metro will be in a Stay-at-Home Order starting Tuesday.  The following link shows areas where community transmission is occurring:

You will need to recheck the website frequently as it is always changing.

If you must go to work in the KC Metro area or other area with community spread we suggest you do the following:

o      Avoid stopping anywhere along your route to and from work.

§    Drive directly to work without stopping.

§    Do not leave work until you are headed home.

§    Do not stop anywhere and drive straight home from work.

o      Do not eat out for meals.  Pack your food so you do not need to leave work.

o      Do not stop for fuel while in the KC Metro area or other area where community transmission is occurring.

o      Wash you hands with soap and water frequently.  Use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available.

o      Maintain social distancing at all times (minimum 6 feet from others).

o      Avoid gatherings (groups) of 10 or more and maintain social distancing in groups and meetings.

o      Wipe down car daily

§    Door handles, steering wheel, transmission shifter, turn signal lever (things you touch)

o                      Work from Home if possible.

For the most up to date information go to:


Rodeo horses killed on K-7


Two of three rodeo horses were killed or had to be put down following an accident early Saturday morning. Undersheriff Bobby Johnson said that rodeo performer Donald Culpepper, Poulan, Ga., had made a make-shift electric fence for his horses at the Linn County Fairgrounds.... [More]

Parker to seek county help at intersection


The city of Parker will be contacting Linn County about concrete surfacing assistance at an intersection that receives heavy truck traffic. At last Thursday’s monthly council meeting, Mayor Cody Adams responded to a patron complaint that asphalt surfacing at the intersection... [More]

Pleasanton council reviews policies


Approves a change to the tax incentive program   The Pleasanton City Council took several policies and policy changes under consideration at their Aug. 15 meeting. The first of these policies is the Neighborhood Culvert Replacement Program (NCRP) which would grant... [More]

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Pedal pull action at the fairgrounds


The Linn County Farm Bureau Association hosted the annual pedal pull for kids age 4 to 12 at the Linn County fairgrounds on the evening of Aug. 12. Trophies were given to the top three pullers in each age group along with the opportunity to compete in the Kansas State Pedal... [More]

Annual fishing derby takes place at Linn County fairgrounds


Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks fish biologist Don George once again assisted with hosting the annual fishing derby at the Linn County fairgrounds on the morning of Aug. 13. Like in the past, the derby was divided into three age groups, 4-7, 8-10, and 11-16. Awards... [More]

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Faith Chapel of Pleasanton welcomes new pastor


Faith Chapel of Pleasanton, formerly the Assembly of God Church, has a new pastor. Pastor Mathew Young joined the Pleasanton church on July 30 and has been a part of our community for two weeks now. Pastor Young was born in Stillwater, Okla., but spent his childhood in the... [More]

Linn Valley church to hold clothing giveaway


The Linn Valley Community Church will hold a clothing giveaway on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 12-13, with new back-to-school clothes for children in grades kindergarten to 12th.  On Aug. 12, from 5 to 8 p.m. the event is open to residents of Linn Valley only. On Aug. 13... [More]

Climb becomes life or death in Colorado storm


The goal of summiting nine peaks in Colorado’s Grenadier Range in one week was a lofty goal; but staying alive became a bigger goal for Mound City rock climber Mike Meyer when a summer storm buffeted the peak he was on. Meyer is an accomplished climber; owner of the White... [More]

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