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Council members for the city of Blue Mound met on Monday, Aug. 1, for their annual budget hearing. Council reviewed the 2023 projected budget and noted changes from the current year, with a rise in utility budget and a cut in street improvement. However, the city will remain revenue neutral. With their being no public comments, the council closed the budget hearing and opened their regular monthly meeting.

It was noted that the audit contract for 2021 had not been signed; after brief discussion, the council voted and approved the signing of the contract.

The council then discussed further the budget as presented at the budget hearing. Mayor Russell Beth stated that the county wants entities to remain revenue neutral. Due to Blue Mound not receiving the same money the county has given them the past several years, numbers changed in different categories, as mentioned above. However, the city will be able to remain revenue neutral. After more discussion, the council voted and approved the budget as presented.

It was noted that there had been recent issues on the generator at the lift station. Beth informed the council he had talked with Federal Surplus, and looked at different models of generators. Council discussed the pros and cons of the different models; approved the potential purchase of a new generator.

In conjunction with the generator, city clerk and head of maintenance, Max Krull, shared with the council the prospect of putting a three-walled carport over the lift station, so that a generator could be left out, and not worry about the elements. He would like to have the carport placed in a way that the structure could be rolled back, if necessary. Council members discussed the idea, and decided to wait until the engineer comes back about other sewer/water projects in the works.

Beth noted the tires on the road grader need replaced. He and council member Christopher Bownes will both check on prices for the tires.

The council discussed utility bills on two homes that have had no electricity hooked up since last year’s wind storm. The owner has paid the minimum fees on both in hopes of hooking power back up soon. Council members agreed to pause service to the individual until he is able to move back into the homes and restore power.

The council approved the following: minutes of the previous meeting; payment of bills in the amount of $39,037.56; and approval of the audit for the current budget.


LINN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS - Monday, January 23, 2023


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PLEASANTON CITY COUNCIL - Monday, January 23, 2023


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Pleasanton end destination for 2023 Biking Across Kansas ride


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