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The Linn County Commissioners met on Monday, July 17, 2023, and began with approval of the minutes of the last meeting.

Commissioners approved claims in the amount of $468,632.71 on a 3-0 vote.

Linn County Rural Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator Randy Hegwald reported his department responded to 11 incidents in the last week. He added a company from Texas is coming to give a class on extrication from vehicles. 

Linn County Sheriff Kevin Friend reported the jail has 58 inmates with 38 of them farm-ins from Wyandotte County and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Linn County Public Works Administrator Shaun West told commissioners that dust control started last Friday, finished last Monday, and the project is closed.

West then spoke on the issue with State Line Road and noted that water crossing the road, due to damaged and clogged tubes, is damaging the roadway. He added that Bates County, Mo., who owns half the road, did a project last year that clogged the tubes and has agreed to take responsibility for the issue. Bates County will open the tubes and make repairs. 

Later in the meeting, West provided commissioners with a copy of the memorandum of understanding between Linn County and Bates County, Mo., for them to repair and replace the damaged tubes and commissioners approved it.

According to West, two containers have been repaired for Solid Waste and he noted that the cost is coming in at approximately $5,000 each.

West stated he would like permission to move forward with compactor sites and stated he has reached a path of turning over ownership to the lakes and municipalities and providing them with site plans to provide the state. Commissioners agreed with the thought process and asked West to move forward and open discussions along those lines with the lakes and cities. 

Linn County Economic Development Administrator Jessica Hightower told commissioners she had spoken with Scarecrow Mowing regarding the missed mowing at the Prescott Fire Station. Scarecrow has offered a credit of $315 back on the August billing of $945. Commissioner Jim Johnson stated he thought it was too low and Commissioner Hightower agreed. Counselor Thompson will reach out to the company to discuss it further.

EDA Hightower then requested an extension on burial permit 2022-20 for Evergy due to hold ups with the railroad. Commissioners agreed to the extension with a motion that carried on a 3-0 vote.

Linn County Planning and Zoning Director Darin Wilson presented two persons to replace people on the Planning Commission whose terms are up. Commissioner Jason Hightower recommended Dave Fisher for his district and Commissioner Danny McCullough recommended Daniel Earnest for his district. Commissioners approved both replacements.

Wilson presented a zoning change for 5820 Ungeheuer Road in Prescott, requesting a zoning change from Ag to ag-residential for a lot split. The proposed rezoning is recommended by the commission and staff and commissioners approved resolution 2023-32 adopting the findings of the Planning Commission and approving the rezoning on a 3-0 vote.

Wilson presented a second rezoning on Young Road south 1750 Road for another lot split, which would change the zoning from ag to ag-residential. The Planning Commission and staff recommended approval. Commissioners approved resolution 2023-33 adopting the findings of the Planning Commission and approving the rezoning. 

Wilson then presented a CUP renewal for CUP-18-005 and CUP-18-006, with a physical address of 11832 Kansas Highway 7, for a rock quarry with one point of ingress/egress for both properties. This is a renewal of previously approved CUPS and the Planning Commission and staff recommended approval. County Counselor Gary Thompson asked if any complaints had been lodged about the business and Wilson stated there had not been. Commissioners approved Resolutions 2023-30 and 2023-31 for the renewal.

Chris Martin, IT Director then spoke with commissioners regarding the radio expansion project. 

Commissioners discussed building projects with Shaun West. (See related article in this edition.)

Pam Cannon, Linn County Mapping/GIS, presented her budget and explained to commissioners the scope of her department and what they do and all the different areas it affects. Following Cannon’s detailed presentation, the commissioner voted 3-0 to give tentative approval for the budget in the amount of $165,137.78.

Lamb presented three budgets to the commissioners for their consideration, explaining the purpose of each. 

The first budget was for the EMS training fund budgeted at $12,000 for next year, same as it was for this year. Lamb noted the fund is strictly for training first responders such as the firefighters and deputies.

The second budget was for the line item for the ambulance service to include the increase they had requested at a total of $1,119,000 showing a $204,500 increase.  Following a brief discussion with Lamb on everything the budget covers, which Lamb noted is only what the county is paying to have the service in the county. Lamb noted that running the program in-house leaves the county liable for medical issues while with this contract AMR is liable. Commissioners gave tentative approval of the budget.

The third and final budget was for the fair association fund, with Lamb noting it’s their money, levied for the fair, and handled by the county. Commissioner gave approval of the fair association fund. Lamb noted other budgets he is holding awaiting directives on spending this year versus next on building projects.


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