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The Linn County Commissioners met Monday with a short agenda and approved claims in the amount of $534,827.97; they also approved adds and abates 2022-903 and 904.

The Sheriff’s Monthly Fee Income Report was approved in the amount of $39,910.68.

Galen Anderson, AMR, reported 19 transports month-to-date.

Fire Chief Randy Hegwald reported 162 calls for the year. He was approved to hire Brian Shroyer for the Assistant Chief/Maintenance Technician at $22.18 per hour or $46,215 per year. Shroyer will maintain all fire department equipment that doesn’t need to be sent out for service, as well as the SCBA maintenance and fire extinguisher service. He will maintain his presence in the fire department and handle emergency scenes from a management stance.

Sheriff Kevin Friend reported 52 prisoners in-house with 29 of them farmed in from other jurisdictions. He reported a burglar was caught in Holiday Lakes and arrested, no names have been released yet.

An ad selling the current Pleasanton senior citizens meal site will be published in the Linn County News beginning this week for three weeks offering the location for sale by sealed bids.

The commissioners approved striping on Wall Street Road for 5.5 miles and 1,500-feet on Radcliff Road for $9,900. They also approved Killough Construction to overlay the 5.5 miles for $660,246.12.

The commissioners approved $11,195.77 to purchase right-of-way and temporary easements of approximately one acre total for the Hell’s Bend project from Larry A. and Beverly M. Lee, Ferguson and Watershed Land Trust.

Road Foremen Harry Wisdom and Mike Nation discussed the purchase of two back hoes for $584,977 with boom mowers, a saw blade and two backhoes to be sold on PurpleWave that will gross an estimated $232,000. The other money for the purchase will come from the Special Machinery fund.

The two track hoes can be used to cut trees, do ditches and mow areas allowing the other equipment to be sold.

Public Works Administrator Shaun West discussed the purchase of a pickup but the commissioners asked for a list of equipment that he will furnish next week.

A public speaker from Tanglewood asked why travel trailers can’t have septic tanks like mobile homes and be considered permanent housing. He was referred to P&Z Director Darin Wilson.


LINN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS - Monday, October 23, 2023


The Linn County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, Oct. 23, and began their weekly meeting with the approval of the minutes of the last meeting followed by the approval of claims in the amount of $272,818.97. Linn County Rural Fire Chief Randy Hegwald presented... [More]

LA CYGNE CITY COUNCIL - Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Among actions at the regular La Cygne council meeting last Wednesday, Oct. 18, was a split vote in which the city accepts a draft agreement for title search and warranty deed preparation of seven lots at 402 S. Broadway in exchange for absorbing a $16,400 house demolition bill.... [More]

LINN VALLEY CITY COUNCIL - Monday, October 23, 2023


The Linn Valley City Council held its bi-monthly meeting at 7:00 PM on Monday, October 23, 2023, with Mayor Cindy Smith presiding and all council members present.    Following approval of the October 9th and October 14th meeting minutes, Mayor Smith opened the floor... [More]

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Commissioners hear from landowners, representatives on Hell’s Bend Bridge grant


Last week Linn County Public Works Administrator Shawn West spoke to commissioners on the Hell’s Bend bridge project noting that a decision needed to be made that day as it was due the previous Friday. West had requested and received an extension until that day. At that... [More]

Executive sessions dominate commissioners meeting


Several resulting from commissioners’ issues with road department   This week’s meeting of the Linn County Commissioners was dominated by lengthy executive sessions; two, near the beginning were for legal advice from County Counselor Mark Hagen. The third... [More]

La Cygne sets permanent sewer project bonds


Separate action adopts bond-related charter ordinance   Authorization providing for permanent issuance of general obligation bonds for the $6.261 million sewer rehabilitation project was unanimously approved at last Wednesday’s regular La Cygne council meeting.... [More]

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Jayhawk Linn track qualifies 20 for State


The Jayhawk Linn track team traveled to Erie on May 17 to compete in the Erie 2A Regional track meet. The Hawks did very well as 20 individual athletes qualified for the State track meet in Wichita on May 24-25. The boys as a team placed third at the meet with 66 points while... [More]

Prairie View track sends 13 to State


The Prairie View track team traveled to Fredonia on May 17 for the Fredonia 3A Regional track meet.  The meet decided who makes the 3A State track meet in Wichita on May 24-25 and the Buffalos did very well as a total of 13 athletes will compete at the State track meet.... [More]

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