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The Mound City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 2, began with a request from a resident at 614 Main for the city to remove a charge from his water bill left by someone who had previously lived at that address. Following the request, the council agreed to add the discussion to the agenda for the meeting.

Don George, Kansas Wildlife and Parks Fisheries Biologist, spoke to the council and gave a report on fish stocked in the city lake and the number of anglers that had visited it over the last year. George noted that he wished local businesses would advocate fishing and suggested signs such as “Boat Parking available here” to help boost use of the city lake.

The council approved the minutes of the last meeting and then approved the warrant checking in the amount of $162,078.18.

 Codes Officer Jacob Bush asked the council their thoughts on allowing shipping containers and brief discussion followed. 

City Attorney Burton Harding asked the council to look over the nuisance codes he had written and let him know what they would like changed. 

Council then set the agenda for the meeting with two additions; one to discuss the residents request on the removal of charges and one to set a possible workshop or special meeting to review codes.

Council discussed and approved hiring two people for part-time summer help.

Mayor Wade Doering recommended appointments for the city stay the same and the council approved the mayor’s recommendation.

Public Works Superintendent John Bruns told the council a fence around the splash park would cost $14,800. The council approved the expenditure.

Council then discussed a site to use for reserving spots at the campgrounds at the city lake and Doering suggested the city use Firefly Reservations through an application called Camp It Kansas. Doering explained the app charges $3.50 per reservation so in order to get the minimum amount the city wants per spot they simply need to add the charge to the reservation amount and a brief discussion followed. Councilmember Lawrence Forbach moved to go with the reservation program and application and the motion was approved and then amended to add a $15 reservation fee.

Council then turned their attention to Resolution 23-04 on the grant for the sidewalk project. Discussions followed and the council opted not to act on the resolution (See related article in this edition)

In other business the council:

- Approved the renewal of a cereal malt beverage license for Casey’s.

- Agreed to remove a charge owed by a previous resident from a current account at the same address and attempt to collect it from the original debtor.

- Approved the purchase of 10 loads of rock at $150 per load. 


LINN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS - Monday, October 23, 2023


The Linn County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, Oct. 23, and began their weekly meeting with the approval of the minutes of the last meeting followed by the approval of claims in the amount of $272,818.97. Linn County Rural Fire Chief Randy Hegwald presented... [More]

LA CYGNE CITY COUNCIL - Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Among actions at the regular La Cygne council meeting last Wednesday, Oct. 18, was a split vote in which the city accepts a draft agreement for title search and warranty deed preparation of seven lots at 402 S. Broadway in exchange for absorbing a $16,400 house demolition bill.... [More]

LINN VALLEY CITY COUNCIL - Monday, October 23, 2023


The Linn Valley City Council held its bi-monthly meeting at 7:00 PM on Monday, October 23, 2023, with Mayor Cindy Smith presiding and all council members present.    Following approval of the October 9th and October 14th meeting minutes, Mayor Smith opened the floor... [More]

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Commissioners hear from landowners, representatives on Hell’s Bend Bridge grant


Last week Linn County Public Works Administrator Shawn West spoke to commissioners on the Hell’s Bend bridge project noting that a decision needed to be made that day as it was due the previous Friday. West had requested and received an extension until that day. At that... [More]

Executive sessions dominate commissioners meeting


Several resulting from commissioners’ issues with road department   This week’s meeting of the Linn County Commissioners was dominated by lengthy executive sessions; two, near the beginning were for legal advice from County Counselor Mark Hagen. The third... [More]

La Cygne sets permanent sewer project bonds


Separate action adopts bond-related charter ordinance   Authorization providing for permanent issuance of general obligation bonds for the $6.261 million sewer rehabilitation project was unanimously approved at last Wednesday’s regular La Cygne council meeting.... [More]

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Jayhawk Linn track qualifies 20 for State


The Jayhawk Linn track team traveled to Erie on May 17 to compete in the Erie 2A Regional track meet. The Hawks did very well as 20 individual athletes qualified for the State track meet in Wichita on May 24-25. The boys as a team placed third at the meet with 66 points while... [More]

Prairie View track sends 13 to State


The Prairie View track team traveled to Fredonia on May 17 for the Fredonia 3A Regional track meet.  The meet decided who makes the 3A State track meet in Wichita on May 24-25 and the Buffalos did very well as a total of 13 athletes will compete at the State track meet.... [More]

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