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The Pleasanton City Council met on Aug. 15 with three members of the council present.

The first order of business was a budget hearing and with no one to speak in regards to the budget, the council moved to approve it as published and the motion carried on a 3-0 vote.

The council then closed the budget hearing and opened a condemnation hearing for property located at 355 Laurel.

Sandy Atkisson told the council that there were a number of things from the original complaint that were still not done and stated she has been working on this particular property since 2018.

Council member Joe Whitaker made a motion to move forward with condemnation and council member Jake Mattingley seconded the motion that was approved on a 2-1 vote with Rochelle Schreckhise voting against.

Council then closed the condemnation hearing and opened the regular meeting.

They then entered into a ten minute executive session for personnel matters with Public works Superintendent Joey Morrisey.

At the end of that session no action was taken and a five minute break was ordered.

When the meeting resumed the mayor opened public comment and Frank Baumann spoke to the council about the possibility of opening a shooting range giving residents another option for something to do.

After a brief discussion Mattingley noted there would be a lot of people to talk to in regards to setting something like that up and City Administrator Teresa Whitaker noted that the codes state a gun cannot be fired in the city limits.

The council then entered into a second 10-minute executive session for legal matters with counsel Burton Harding joining by phone. Regular session resumed with no action taken.

Teresa Whitaker noted that the pool had closed and staff had cleaned it.  Morrisey noted that there had been a few hiccups but otherwise the pool ran very smoothly this year.

T. Whitaker then noted that there were several policy changes or additions on the agenda.

Council then approved the consent agenda including the minutes of the Aug. 1 meeting; the minutes of the Aug. 8 special meeting; regular disbursements of $9,601.59; and payroll disbursements of $22,278.09; and mandatory disbursements of $28,057.81.

During council member discussion, J. Whitaker asked about weeds on the West Lake dam. T. Whitaker said she would check on it.

Police Chief Tristan Snyder reported that his department had served 11 warrants in the last two weeks; opened multiple cases; and made one drug-related arrest.

Morrisey reported that public works had been putting cold pack down on roads with the biggest area they are working on being 9th Street from the tracks eastward to Holly.

Council then approved Resolution 428 setting a hearing for 6 p.m. on Sept. 26, 2022, regarding the annexation of an area on Tucker Road that extends approximately one and half miles in total length. The resolution only sets a hearing for the annexation, it does not approve the annexation.

T. Whitaker asked the council to review the Neighborhood Culvert Replacement Program, through which a city resident could apply for a free culvert installation on a driveway or property entry.

The council then reviewed an addition to the Sales Tax Exemption Assistance Program (STEAP) so that the incentive program also covers restaurants.

T. Whitaker then presented a Food Vendor License Application noting it would be for food trucks to set up on city property or for street vendors and asked the council to review it for discussion when Harding was present.

Council then approved an addition to the commercial tax incentive program which reimburses a portion of their property taxes to add a section for restaurants that are in owned property, as well as, leased property. Council approved it on a 3-0 vote.

Council then approved Resolution 427 setting a condemnation hearing for 6 p.m. on Sept. 26 for property located at 206 W. 7th.


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