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The council heard from public speakers Hayley Foltz and Piper Smith, former lifeguards at the pool, concerning treatment they say they allegedly received from other life guards following the banning of Stephanie Smith from the pool.

Smith said she was followed by other lifeguards and confronted in the bathroom; further stating she has video evidence of the interaction.

Foltz was accused of having a vaping instrument in her purse and being underaged. She stated she is 18 and it is legal to possess at her age.

Foltz said when asked what she wants, “Respect.”

Councilman Jake Mattingley said it was commendable that the two girls, now former lifeguards at the Pleasanton pool, came to the council meeting. He said they would look into it and asked that any evidence be given to them to look at.

City Administrator Teresa Whitaker said the East and West Lake dam reports came back and it shows normal rodent activity and tree growth. Both will be taken care of in cooler weather.

Whitaker and Public Works Director Joey Morrisey commented on the change in flood plains by FEMA.

“It will affect 16 homeowners or businesses by the flood plain change,” said Whitaker. “Some areas are not in the flood plain, other new areas are in it.”

She urged everyone to go to to look at the map to see if their property is affected by the flood plain change. The change is not finalized and FEMA is looking for input from businesses, organizations, cities, etc. on the changes made to the map.

The 2023 budget was finalized and the city will stay revenue neutral. See separate story in this edition.

The council and Morrisey discussed how they are keeping water from turning brown and tasting bad. They complimented Morrisey on his proactive actions dealing with keeping water quality good.

Morissey reported they are continuing to attack potholes and said they have two truckloads of patching material coming.

The council sold a non-working 60” Hustler mower to an employee for $300. Neal Manufacturing did not want the mower as a trade-in.

They approved giving Public Works employee Taylor Robinson a $1 per hour raise effective Aug. 21, 2022.


LINN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS - Monday, January 23, 2023


The Linn County Commissioners met on Monday, Jan. 23, and began with the approval 0f minutes of the last meeting. The commissioners then approved payment of claims totaling $286,217.60 on a 3-0 vote. Commissioners then heard, or read into the record, weekly reports from the... [More]

LINN VALLEY CITY COUNCIL - Monday, January 23, 2023


The Linn Valley City Council held its bimonthly meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 23, with Mayor Cindy Smith presiding and all council members present.   The meeting began with the installation of the newest appointed member of the Linn Valley Planning & Zoning... [More]

PLEASANTON CITY COUNCIL - Monday, January 23, 2023


The Pleasanton City Council met Monday night and learned that the Biking Across Kansas event will end at Pleasanton June 17. Mayor Mike Frisbie encouraged the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce to get involved and take advantage of the 400 to 800 people who will be riding or traveling... [More]


Pleasanton meal site still in discussion


Seniors say they do not want to move   The Pleasanton Senior Meals site has been an ongoing topic of discussion in both the Linn County Commissioners and Pleasanton City Council meetings for several months now with no resolution to the issue in sight. The topic first... [More]

Burglaries solved by Linn Valley PD


On Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023, the Linn Valley Police Department took a burglary report in the area of Holiday Drive in Linn Valley. The victim reported his garage had been broken into and several items were stolen that included a 2020 Harley Davidson motorcycle, tools, household... [More]

Pleasanton end destination for 2023 Biking Across Kansas ride


Anyone that travels across Kansas from time to time may have witnessed bicycles traveling west to east along busy routes or desolate routes; riders were most likely entered into the Biking Across Kansas (BAK) event held once a year. It begins at various points on the west side... [More]

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Lady Buffs win Kenny Holt Memorial Tournament


The Prairie View girls’ basketball team traveled to Uniontown on Jan. 17, 19 and 20 to compete in the Kenny Holt Memorial Tournament. The Lady Buffs performed well in the tournament and went 3-0 to become the tournament champions. Prairie View first faced Jayhawk on... [More]

Lady Jays win Midseason Tournament


The Pleasanton boys’ and girls’ basketball teams hosted their Midseason Basketball Tournament Jan. 17-20. The boys went 0-3 in the tournament but the girls won the tournament going 3-0. Pleasanton first played Northeast Kansas and the Lady Jays won a defensive... [More]

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