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The council heard from Public Works Director Joey Morrisey Monday night first as he had to leave for family reasons.

He told Councilwoman Rochelle Schreckhise that he’d researched a suggested patching material and found 36 buckets of material that was mainly for solid based roads would cost $2,800 for 1,800 pounds. He then said that Vance Bros. sells cold patch material and the city could purchase two loads of 18.7 tons each for $2,000 per load.

He felt the cold patch material was the best material for the best price for the city’s needs at this time.

He said the city crew is continuing to mow.

Morrisey told the council that they are continuing to experience vandalism at both of the city lakes. He said he and City Administrator Teresa Whitaker have looked into a security camera system to be installed.

Whitaker said that Heartland and Evergy would be involved as both service the lakes.

She said the power company can tie into power at West Lake, but East Lake would need a pole and power. The south side of the lake would need a pole set for $7,000 from Evergy and Heartland could put a pole in by the north dock for $3,000.

Morrisey said that if the council discussed putting in RV spots, they would need power for the future development.

The council asked that Whitaker get bids for cameras, poles, etc. for them to look at.

Whitaker reported that valuations are up to $7.3 million in Pleasanton, over the $6.7 reported last year. With that, to stay revenue neutral, the city would have to lower the mill levy from 93.27 to 85.83 mills. “With the hope you get all the tax money you’re supposed to get.”

The city published a culvert policy that the council gave general consensus to. They agreed to give financial help to homeowners that are forced to install a new culvert in the form of a grant or a payment plan for the $545.

Whitaker discussed possibly $25/month on the water bill.

Whitaker said that following the eviction of Always & Furever Pet Sanctuary from the Olive’s Hope location, a complaint was lodged against the city dog pound. The complaint was deemed unfounded, but they do need to replace a couple dog igloos and repair some fence.

She continued that the pound had a dog taken and Police Chief Tristan Snyder explained that the city was asked to give up a dog in the pound because someone wanted it. The person was told it was another’s dog, but the person was persistent about wanting the dog.

Snyder said two days later the pound was broken into and the dog was taken.

He said he put the other two officers on the theft, with himself, and two hours later the dog was brought back. The person wouldn’t give up names of the thief and Snyder said she would be getting charged with multiple offenses.

Linn County Liquor owner Ann Johnson was approved to hold a beer garden at the 2023 Soldiers for Jesus Thunder on the Streets event.

Councilman Jake Mattingley told the council of a motorcycle run Brandon and Ann Johnson are holding in honor of their son, Brett, with proceeds going to a memorial scholarship. The run is scheduled Saturday, Aug. 13.

No parking on the grass at either lake was approved at East and West lakes. A sign stating that will be posted.

Snyder reported a rise in thefts, a dog bite incident and calls are still increasing.

A hearing was approved for a 2019 resolution that got canceled for the property located at 355 Laurel. Res. 423 and 424 were approved setting the hearing.

The council asked that the Pleasanton Ball Association come to the next council meeting after they billed the city $150 each time they mowed the RLC ball field.

Whitaker said the city mows the field once a week, but apparently doesn’t do it to the ball association’s liking.

Mattingley said the $150 charge is not reasonable and Whitaker said she was surprised to get the bill.

He continued that the field is free and the city pays for the electricity for the lights.

Whitaker said that nobody gave them permission to bill the city for the mowing. They desire that it be mowed Tuesdays and Thursdays, the city mows the field with the other 60 acres they mow.

The council approved the purchase of software so Pleasanton city court bills can be paid online. They approved a $1,000 one-time charge and a $35 fee.

The council waived fees for the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce for the Community Building during General Pleasonton Days. They also approved patrons to bring their own beer to Main Street from 5 p.m. to midnight Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 during General Pleasonton Days.

The council tabled recognizing Juneteenth as a federal holiday.


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