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The Monday, Dec. 12, 2022, meeting of the city of Prescott Council meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motions were made and passed unanimously to accept the minutes of the November meeting and accept the payment of the bills.

City Council member Fritz Norbury had hoped that a representative from Vance Brothers would come to the council meeting. Since the asphalt and pavement company representative was not there, he made a motion that the city simply pay them half of the $35,000 they billed the city. This motion was seconded by City Council member John Maloney.

However, before the vote, City Attorney Burton Harding was asked for his opinion of the issue. He was reminded by Norbury and Mayor Kevin Wood that Vance Brothers had been sent pictures back in July who then claimed they would fix the problems by September. Since that never happened, Harding said he personally saw no problem with partial payment for partial fulfillment of a contract to fix the roads. The motion was then passed with four members for the motion and one against.

In other old business, the messy property on Elm St was mentioned. Harding apologized for forgetting the issue, said no court date had been set, but promised he would make one for the month of January.

Norbury suggested he would like the city to get new street signs as the old ones are faded and sad looking. Maloney said he’d like that, but he would like to know how much it might cost. Mayor Wood said he would call the county and ask about it.

The City Superintendent report was that the men have been working on a lot of Christmas stuff.

City Clerk Wood said she also has decorated for Christmas. She used some of the budgeted money to buy some of the bigger decorations outside City Hall from Home Depot. She also needs to get election paperwork done in the next couple weeks. Although Zach Gillis, Fritz Norbury and Roland Grigsby will not be up for re-election until November, the initial papers must be filed by January 1.

For the Christmas decorating contest, first place went to Charles and Pat Walters. Second place was a two-way tie between David and Alison Troth and Troy and Laina Stoughton. Third place was a three-way tie: Deb Cougill, Cheri McCoy, and Marty Garrett and Kylie Robinson. Thank you to all who participated!

The citywide dance has been set for January 14, from 7 to 10:30 p.m. with Larry Snow from Mapleton in charge.

Mayor Wood reported there was a decent turn out for the Christmas Party. He guessed about 50 to 60 kids came to see Santa. The numbers of kids since Covid are still much smaller than several years ago. Ron Roberts and his wife, Susan, were able to deliver candy to city residents who could not come see Santa.

There was no discussion about Christmas bonus checks. A motion was made and immediately passed unanimously to “Do the same as we did last year.”

Then the council was adjourned.


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