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Honestly, I was fine with any of the three top finishers of the GOP race for the White House. It was interesting, fun to watch and a lesson in human nature.

Cruz was Cruz. I actually think Kasich would be a good president; he’d bore the socks off even the most steadfast political junkie – but was solid. Then comes Donald Trump.

It’s been fun to watch the evolution of the Republican Party. It started out treating Trump like he was a pile of poo that someone accidentally stepped in. But he started winning, and winning because blue-collar Democrats and working Republicans feel the frustration of an America that is being run by an establishment party that closely guards who is allowed into the central core governing the people.

I equated Trump’s rise to that of my son’s past hatred of asparagus. That vegetable was sure to send him running from the dinner table without an adequate supply of a green veggie. 

That distaste was what the Republican Party establishment had on their faces – until Trump won some big states and began making a show that the American public actually liked him.

Then came New York and Indiana where he tromped the competition – and America showed the Republican Party that establishment was out and doing things a bit differently was what they wanted.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan continued to act in establishment ways, saying he would not back Trump who is essentially the pick of a majority of Republican voters, so far. 

So back to asparagus; Ryan might not like the veggie but he attempted to cut off a bite and eat it. He had to choke back throwing it up but he somewhat did his job.

Now Trump is sending his education advisor, Ben Carson, to visit with Ryan before next week – hopefully, in an attempt to see how Ryan likes his asparagus cooked since he’s most likely going to get a full meal of it.

I found it interesting that in Los Angeles protesters waved Mexican flags – excuse me, but that does little for their cause trying to stop Trump’s “build the wall” movement. 

I have no problem with immigrants coming into America to build a better life – but do it legally. The United States needs smooth laws that run efficiently to deal with the torrent of immigrants wishing to call our land home.

Waving a Mexican flag at the crowd equates to waving a red flag at a mad bull or placing steamed asparagus in front of my son for supper – it just doesn’t work.

You want to be Americans? Wave an American flag and protest the difficulty and cost of becoming an American citizen through the correct channels.

The Mexican protesters’ actions were anti-American and disrespectful to our country, the country they are residing in and want to be part of – holy cow!

Meanwhile, my son has learned that asparagus is great when sautéed with garlic and butter. It’ll be interesting to see if the rest of the country finds a way to accept Trump, a candidate who is not necessarily a cookie-cutter mold of other candidates we’ve seen in the past.

Jackie Taylor

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