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So called “funny man” Jimmy Fallon has gone too far; Jay Leno pushed the envelope, but Fallon has opened it, wadded it up and thrown it overboard.
Last night, on a rare occasion, I had the “The Tonight Show” on and it was Fallon’s opening monologue. He chooses to do a speech to his audience on how terrible it was that President Trump delayed two days before speaking out on the hate-mongers that converged on Charlottesville, Va., a few days ago.
I agree with Fallon in general on the hate the white supremists showed and that has to stop; I did not agree with him on bashing the president – my mind going back to several cop killings that occurred during President Obama’s tenure where he said nothing for days on end to stop the violence.
So, Jimmy, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. reported, during Obama’s presidency, after a string of cop killings what one Maryland sheriff said. ‘’’Mr. President, your silence about these events speaks volumes!!!! PS: I’ll be standing outside in the cold next week with my deputies for the funerals of the Hartford Co. deputies; I’ll save you a spot next to me!’ Facebooked Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees.
“’I understand that you are a busy man and are being pulled in multiple directions every day of the week,’ wrote DeWees. ‘But, when my president doesn’t take the time to openly recognize the sacrifices that brave men and women of law enforcement make each day to keep domestic peace, I’m disappointed! I suspect that if these same deputies walked in to a restaurant, and without provocation shot and killed an innocent man, you and your staff would quickly whisk their family away to Washington for a future speech to make an example of police officers nationwide,’ he added.”
I did not vote for Obama. His liberal policies and socialist ideals scared me, but I will admit that I hoped he could be something beyond a president – I hoped he could be a bridge between the races and the glue that binds a nation together with no color divide.
In disappointment, I found that Obama was anything but a cohesive glue for our country; he created quite the opposite effect. He actually lit a fire under race relations and created a cauldron where hate and discontent simmered and spilled over into everyday life.
Obama’s obvious “attitude” and bias against white America propelled our nation into what we saw the other day. Hate groups that should be banned from our country showing their ugly heads in Charlottesville venting their rage against that bias that came from the former leader of our country.
So, Jimmy, before you point your bony little finger at Trump, you need to look at what gasoline was thrown on the fire before he ever became president.
Deeper than the contest of who created the bigger divide in our country, Obama or Trump, is the depravation in people’s lives that exists that allows that kind of hatred to reside in their hearts. What kind of upbringing did that 20-year-old have that drove him to drive his car through a crowd of people killing one?
It goes back to spiritual deprivation.
Jimmy, your heartfelt moment of commentary was lost on me; I’m one of those people in the middle country who are fed up with the elitist Hollywood crowd trying to tell me what is right and wrong. When I see a change in morals in Hollywood, maybe then the words you speak will mean something.
The hatred needs to stop, but your biased words aren’t going to stop it. They did nothing but make me change the channel and vow once again not to watch your crappy show.
Jackie Taylor
Linn County News publisher


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